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About Us

HI-MAX an Mechanised Laundry and Dry Cleaners

Himax is a mechanised laundry in the city of Bhubaneswar which offers laundry and dry cleaning solutions. Your clothes make your image and that is the reason Himax is dedicated to provide quality and convenient laundry services to all its customers.

Himax is equipped with state of the art infrastructure, professional hands and high quality and fabric friendly chemicals to give your garments a new life.


What types of clothes should be dry cleaned?

Why should I dry clean my clothes?

Dry cleaning is a much safer cleaning process for clothes made of delicate fabrics as it leads to less wear and increases longevity of your expensive & loved clothes.
Dry cleaning has many benefits: At Hi-Max, one of the most important steps in the cleaning process is called “pre-spotting,” in which a trained and experienced cleaner will treat specific areas of stains based on the source and fabric type. Treating stains effectively without any damage to the fabric or weave is a critical step in the cleaning process.

What is the difference between “Dry Cleaning” and “Laundry”?

At Hi-Max we do both – professional dry cleaning as well as Laundry OR wet cleaning. Dry Cleaning involves the use of non-water-based solvents to clean clothing and other textiles. Laundry involves the use of water and detergent in a commercial-grade washing machine. At Hi-Max our preprogrammed washing machines ensure specific care for your loved garments and linens through a six-step cleaning & packing process.

What is Laundry or Wet Cleaning?

Wet cleaning is a water-based alternative to dry cleaning that uses water & detergents for cleaning of the garment. Our wet cleaning experts are trained to assess garment stains, fabric health and then clean with quality and consistency in the wet cleaning process.
Wet cleaning is recommended for water soluble stains on dry-clean only materials, since it will have greater cleaning efficacy while maintaining the look and feel of the fabric. However, Hi-Max does not recommend wet cleaning for all your dry clean-only clothes.

How do you clean garments with sequins, ornaments, or expensive lace & silk work?

At Hi-Max we have conducted thorough research on cleaning processes for expensive sarees, mehenga lehengas, wedding gowns, designer sherwanis and many more delicate garments. Special garments are checked for every detail, ornaments are carefully covered where possible, delicate buttons are either covered or removed before a full cleaning process of your garment. We know that such garments often hold many memories and their safety is of utmost importance and hence our senior most expert cleaners oversee such garments specifically through all stages of cleaning & packing.